Go all the way One poem that befits 2020 for me is this one by Bukowski originally called Roll the Dice but more commonly referred to as Go all the way! I discovered this poem about 10 years ago during my time studying and living in The Netherlands and since then it’s been my favouriteContinue reading

Dear Jian Welcome to this magnificent world dear earthling. I would like to thank you for choosing me as your mother in this lifetime. How precious and truly awesome ‘tis to be crossing paths again my beloved. The fact we meet again is a true testament that you and I have been given another wonderfulContinue reading

Giving a fig about less This morning I woke up like all other mornings, next to my darling daughter, Jian as we co-sleep. No my darling hubby doesn’t sleep next to us. He sleeps on the couch. Yes I am afraid he would squash our little perfect pumpkin with one of his oversized limbs. SoContinue reading