100 Days – 백일

I can’t believe that we just celebrated Jian’s 100 days yesterday! Our baby Jian’s 100th day Celebration (a Korean tradition). It was just over 3 months ago when we met our bundle of joy. Thanks to my beautiful friends we had a wonderful time filled with celebration, laughter and friendship. Jian’s 100 days coincided with my bestie’s birthday, so we celebrated both in their gorgeous Footscray backyard all the way through to midnight.

Back in the olden days of Korea, it was a big deal for a baby to reach 100 days. This was because a lot of babies could not make it till 100 days due to childhood diseases and thus a low mortality rate. Although we live in Australia, and Jian’s beloved grandparents are in Korea, I felt that we should still honor their tradition and celebrate it the way we can.

Happy birthday to my incredibly beautiful friend, the extraordinary Kannagi (holding Jian)

To decorate the table I got some supplies from a two-dollar gift supplies shop on Swanston Street, and my friends and I set it up. We pre-ordered a red velvet cake from Cup Cake Central, and bought all our fruit from High Point Shopping Centre. We normally shop all our fruit and veggies at the Footscray market on Saturdays as it turns out cheaper and we can buy in abundance. We eat a lot of fruit and veggies so a box of plums is nothing for our family. But for the picture, we wanted to buy some premium looking fruit which we guessed we could only find at a shopping centre. To our pleasant surprise we found Korean pear, and Korean looking apples (Fijian apples in fact) at Highpoint Shopping Centre. There is no hard and fast rule about what to include on the table, but we just incorporated what we enjoy eating!

Mangos, grapes, bananas, strawberries, apples, Korean cookies (yak-kwa 약과) and red velvet cake.

I cannot wait to celebrate Jian’s 1st birthday September this year in Korea with her grandparents and the rest of the family!

Her royal highness in a hammock ~ so lucky!

Dear Jian, Mummy and Daddy, wish you a wonderful life, better than your heart desires my most precious love! May it be a joyful dance, a long-summer breeze, an extraordinary adventure!

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