Dear Jian

Welcome to this magnificent world dear earthling. I would like to thank you for choosing me as your mother in this lifetime. How precious and truly awesome ‘tis to be crossing paths again my beloved. The fact we meet again is a true testament that you and I have been given another wonderful chance to live it all over again with one another. This time, I, as your mother and you as our daughter.

Dear Jian, when I think of the order of things to write about, I find it difficult to pinpoint a single bottom or top, because of the interdependence of all things. Firstly, and most importantly I want you to realize that this earth is yours, so be kind to it. Don’t treat it as filth for it is the source of all things, and all life. From earth we all are born, and to it we shall return. So tread over it carefully, breathe through it gently and live in it consciously. As time goes on, you will realize this better on your own, and just why I started with the earth of all things.

When you first enter this Ordinary world, you quickly learn that there are rules, routines and patterns everywhere. A fantastic world yet one that is sometimes chaotic and disharmonious. But you cannot lose hope, you are the hero of your own journey. This life is said to be short and brutish, and alas, dull at times. And as you will see, it is packed with man-made everything, the volume of which might sometimes leave you feeling so abhorrently overwhelmed that you would want to escape it, or topple it’s structure altogether. But just because its been the way it is, doesn’t mean you cannot change any of it. You are the master and captain of this ship, so steer it in the direction of your choosing. How the end of your life will pan out is by large determined by your character and your choices.

There is an old Kurdish adage which says کەم بژی کەڵ بژی -kam bji kal bji—which loosely translates to live short but fully. Life is short, but so remarkably long that in one’s life one can go to the moon, and still have time left to accomplish all the things one wishes upon. Man has done it. So can you! What I am trying to say darling Jian, is live so remarkably well that when you die you have no regrets. The graveyard is full of people with songs left in them, don’t die with songs left unsung and things you wished you had done!

In life there are consequences to everything which in turn and by nature ripple throughout eternity. Every word you utter and act you undertake comes back to you in some shape or form. So be kind to others on your way. Give— don’t be afraid to give. Love—don’t be afraid to love. Dare—don’t be afraid to live life audaciously, dangerously and deliciously. You are the hero of your own life: every volume, every book, every chapter, and every page of it all, every day, and always, you are its writer. Remember that!

Our lives are not our own, from womb to tomb we are bound to others, past and present. And by each crime, and every kindness, we birth our future. This life is only a door, when it closes another door opens.

Sonmi, Cloud Atlas

The reason why I talk about the hero’s journey is because it is a metaphorical story for one’s life dear Jian. That is you will go through a series of transformative steps in life. When you first start your journey you will desire to love and to be loved. And while you will be loved by many throughout it all, still, you may disappoint a few along the way. Such consequences are inevitable too. Those are the downsides. It can be likened to a seesaw. Sometimes you go up, sometimes you go down. But also like a boat at sea, constantly oscillating from side to side. During such times, the journey will be tough, but oh very worth it. You are the captain of your own destiny and as Captain, you may steer it according to your hearts desire!

My dear darling, whenever your life becomes boring and monotonous. You must embark on a new quest for a life half-lived can be poison to the soul. When you find yourself at such an intersection in life, go on a mysterious adventure, even if that means leaving your village, and the people you love and love you. Even if it means risking it all to go after your true calling. And when you are out there in the midst of all happenings, when the world feels cold, friends become strangers, and you feel lonely, maybe even disappointed at the way things turned out, sure cry it out, but don’t turn back. Continue walking! Listen hard! Look hard! There are signs everywhere, tailored specifically for you, and for you alone! It could come through the shape of a cloud on a marvelous sunny afternoon, or through a feisty storm telling you that danger lies ahead.

And as you continue your journey, you will go to lots of different places, and encounter as many faces. You will cross paths with all kinds of folks— there will be allies who will support you, and enemies who will fight against you. There will be folks who will impress you with their riches, and folks who will heal you with their saintly kindness, love, food, and magic. And there will be those who will ask for your pity. Don’t be suprised when allies turn against you, and those whom you did not expect end up helping you. I know, it is a funny thing. The way is full of surprises, but its the truth. It constantly tests you, dear hero. Just for the fun of finding out what you truly are made of. But a true hero will treat all kinds of folks just the same, never looking down on them, neither so much looking up to them to the degree of worship and sickening dependence.

A true hero will remember where she came from, all those who rendered a hand when she was down in the dungeon, and lifted her out of the darkness. And all those who in your darkest hour paid a visit, pat you on the shoulder and said, ‘you can do this my friend’. Oh, how rare are such friends! Don’t forget them, visit them even if they live over the seas and across the world.

I am confident dear Jian you will become an extraordinary person going on to do extraordinary things. Go all the way!

In the indelible words of Sir Winston Churchill:

The earth is yours and the fullness thereof. Be kind, but be fierce. You are needed now more than ever before. Take up the mantle of change. For this is your time.

Winston Churchill
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