Co-sleeping with my daughter

Jian and I co-sleep just like our ancestors, and all the animals out there. We have been sleeping next to each other since her birth. I don’t believe self-soothing is for babies, I don’t believe letting a baby cry it out for 20 minutes and then attending to them (as the nurses have been recommending) I don’t believe co-sleeping will spoil them. If you mean it, don’t spoil them with toys and brand new everything, as that’s what will spoil them. I will never spoil a child, I’ve been through shit, hell, and back and I wouldn’t even know how in the first place. Okay maybe I will spoil with unconditional love… I don’t believe making a baby sleep in a seperate bed in another bedroom helps with developing their sense of independence. Mate, when I was growing up my siblings and I and every other Kurd I know slept next to each other like sardines and we all turned out more independent than night and day themselves. As such I don’t think there is anything wrong with a baby needing her mama, for comfort, for soothing, for care. It’s my job, and of course these are my beliefs. But at the end of the day I come from the middle of the east, so this suits a hillbilly like myself. But honestly, co-sleeping if done right, is not dangerous, on the contrary it allows me and the hubby to sleep through the night with one to two nightly wakes for feeding/changing. Since I speak for myself, baby Jian sleeps much much better by my side. Gladly and greatfully, both hubby and I want this

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